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Lavender & Provence Photo Workshop 2019

2 sessions available, as desired.

Session 1: June 28-July 1, 2019 /// Session 2: from July 2 to July 5, 2019

Beboy, your photo coach during an exceptional stay in Provence

Discover the beauty of lavender fields and provencal villages during a trip entirely dedicated to photography! This workshop offers my professional guidance as I have experienced every season of lavender for the past 5 years!  You will receive an incredible in-field experience, surrounded by spectacular areas during the bests moments! During this workshop, you’ll have multiple opportunities to develop your skills in photography by, obviously, shooting the lavender fields during sunrises and sunset. In addition to that, we’ll also take time to stroll and make some street photos of the surrounding villages, followed by photos at dusk when the lights illuminate an authentic Provencal village. Macro photography is also part of this trip with the small inhabitants of the lavender: bees, beetles, butterflies, etc.

The sharing of technical knowledge is, of course, part of this program with the demonstration of a precise and reproducible methodology to perfectly master the shooting. You will attend and participate in the post-processing workshops and to demonstrate the editing techniques, we’ll use the photos you made during your stay. Local gastronomic experience is also set around meals prepared by Begirl, food stylist and culinary photographer. These points represent only a sample of the Provencal experience that you’ll in live in my company, a bunch of photographic experiences with the aim of allowing you to progress in landscape photography and that in the shooting side as much as in the processing, being present at your side as a coach. At the end of your stay, you’ll feel completely autonomous in landscape photography thanks to the daily knowledge and experiences shared.

The program

Day 1: Meeting at the place of accommodation at 2 pm for settling, getting to know each other and discovering the detailed schedule of the trip. During the late afternoon, we will go discover the lavender fields of the Valensole plateau and we will settle down on the spot chosen for the sunset. Lunch will take place in the field to optimize the time dedicated to photos and coaching.

Day 2: We will move very early to the field to enjoy the first light of dawn, followed by sunrise. The morning light in Valensole is the purest and clearest of the day, therefore we will take the opportunity to capture the magical moments where each lavender flower shines under the morning light. Once the most beautiful moments are captured, we will end the morning photo shoot with a session of macro photography, a very interesting exercise that perfectly complements the classic views of the landscapes photographed as a whole; there is life in the lavender, it is beautiful, and deserves all our attention :)

After breakfast and a photo walk/discovery tour in the alleys of Valensole, we will come back to our place of accommodation to rest from the early morning wake-up call. After lunch, a workshop will be devoted to the processing of the photos you have already taken. Late in the afternoon, we will be back on the field for a photo shoot at a new location in the heart of the lavender. Lunch will take place on the field.

Day 3: With repetition being one of the keys to taking quality landscape photos, we will once again set up very early in the lavender fields, on a spot different from the previous days, to capture a new sunrise. After the morning photo shoot, we will be back at the place of accommodation for a new photo editing workshop.

Late in the morning, we will head to the beautiful village of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, a remarkable place ranked among the most beautiful villages in France! We will have lunch there, then, until sunset, we will explore the old streets that offer great opportunities for lifestyle photos, a different photographic exercise, but nevertheless complementary to the landscape photos.

We will continue our photo tour of the Moustiers-Sainte-Marie village, in the form of a small hike (easy level) that will lead us to beautiful views overlooking the village, the opportunity for a multitude of moody photos where framing and composition will be recurrent exercises to capture the atmosphere of the old village. This tour will lead us slowly to our photo spot of the evening where we will photograph Moustiers-Sainte-Marie under the warm lights of the late afternoon, followed by photos at the blue hour. An exercise that will allow you to perfectly master the management of urban lights in photography. We will have dinner outdoor with this beautiful view of the village.

Day 4: This is our last day of this Provencal workshop, so to take full advantage of the incredible nature show that Valensole has to offer, we will go photograph one last sunrise in the lavender fields. Once the morning session is over, we’ll return to the accommodation place for a photo workshop dedicated to the processing of the photos taken the day before, those taken during the day and more particularly those done at the blue hour. These blue hours photos requiring a special attention and technique, different from the sunrises and sunsets pictures in the lavender. This photo trip will end at 11 am.

What is included:

- All on-site transportation

- All meals (morning, noon and evening)

- Single room accommodation. 1 room = 1 person. You won’t share your room with another participant (unless you come as a couple), this is one of the highlights of this photo trip 

- Coaching and both theoretical and practical daily photo classes given by myself (Beboy) - The simplicity and cheerfulness of Begirl and myself :)

What is NOT included:

- Transportation to the place of accommodation located near Valensole. Upon request, you can be picked up at the Manosque train station.

- Cancellation and/or repatriation insurance

What to bring

- Any type of camera that can shoot in manual mode will be ok. However, I recommend opting for a DSLR camera, regardless of the brand.

- A tripod is a must-have. A remote control is recommended.

- Regarding lenses, I recommend a wide angle lens (for example 16-35 mm, 17-40 mm, 14-24 mm, etc.)

- Another important lens is a telephoto zoom lens such as a 70-200 mm or any other lens that allows you to zoom around 200 mm, and even more. Indeed, in addition to the views made at wide-angle, isolating specific areas of the landscape offers very interesting creative possibilities to photograph the lavender and isolate details in lifestyle photo sessions.

- A middle-zoom lens such as a 24-70 mm provides a good complement to the two other lenses mentioned above. Nevertheless, the 24-70 mm will probably be the less used lens during this photo trip.

- Another lens that I consider important for photographing lavender is a macro lens to isolate the extreme details such as close-up flowers and small wildlife attached to it, bees, beetles, butterflies, etc. The best lens for this macrophotography exercise is the Canon's 100mm Macro or Nikon's 105mm Macro. Other camera brands also have equivalents to the two optics mentioned.

Note, however, that the lenses listed above are mentioned as recommendations and having only a portion of this material is not a limitation at all! With any other lens or camera, you’ll catch beautiful photos of Provence for sure. If you have a different camera, I'll be there to help you get the most out of your camera and lenses to get nice pictures anyway :)

For photo processing sessions and to be able to reproduce the techniques explained, it would be good to bring a laptop with Lightroom and Photoshop installed.


Total price: 1095 € per person single occupancy > you do not share your room with another participant :) 4 days stay (3 nights). Arrival at the accommodation facility on day 1 at 2 pm and departure on the 4th day at 11 am.

Special price of 995 € for participants wishing to come as a couple and therefore share the same room (1 double bed).

Payment: 500 € at the time of booking and the balance no later than 3 months before the date of the workshop.

Maximum number of participants: Places are limited to 6 people for effective coaching of each participant.


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